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Christian Bason on building the 21st century organisations

21 February 2024, 12:00 pm‚Äď1:30 pm

Christian Bason on building the 21st century organisation

Join us at ¬“¬◊–„ IIPP for a talk by Christian Bason

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Hosted at ¬“¬◊–„ IIPP on WednesdayŐż21 February 2024Őżfrom 12:00 - 13:30 (GMT) for a talk by Chrisitian Bason.

will talk about what does it mean to build organisations fit for the challenges of 21st Century.‚ÄĮChristian is the former CEO of the Danish Design Center (DDC), a government-backed non-profit foundation (2014-2023). Previously, he was Director of MindLab, the Danish government‚Äôs innovation lab (2007-2014), and Business Manager with Ramboll Management‚ÄĮConsulting, a global advisory group (1998-2006). He is the author of nine books on leadership, innovation and design, including "" (2022) and "" and (in‚ÄĮDanish) "The " (2023).Őż

This brown bag lecture is part of Creative Bureaucracy brown bags on Wednesdays throughout Term 2.
The talk is being organised as an enrichment event as part of anŐżIIPPŐżMPAŐżmodule led by Prof Rainer Kattel. Students who would like to be notified of other events in the future can sign up by emailing IIPPComms@ucl.ac.uk.

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About the Speaker

Christian Bason

Former CEO Of Danish Design Center

Christian Bason
Christian Bason is the former CEO of the Danish Design Center (DDC), a government-backed non-profit foundation (2014-2023). Through a range of programmes, the Centre works with leaders and organisations to apply design methods, foresight and systems thinking to their most challenging problems and opportunities, in pursuit of the vision "Shaping the Next Society".

Previously, from 2007 to 2014, Christian was Director of MindLab, the Danish government's innovation team. From 1998 to 2006, he was a consultant and business manager with the international advisory group Ramb√łll Management, heading the organisation and management practice.

Christian is the author of seven books on design, innovation, leadership and governance, including (2017), Form Fremtiden (; 2016), (2014) and (2010). Christian presents to and advises businesses and governments globally and is a visiting lecturer at amongst others Oxford Sa√Įd Business School and the European School of Administration. He is also a prolific contributor to blogs and magazines including Harvard Business Review and Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Christian is former Chairman of the European Union's expert group on public sector innovation and member of the European Design Leadership Board. Currently he serves on the board of the Royal Academy of Architecture and Design in Copenhagen, on the Rockwool Foundations Intervention Committee, and is member of the UAE's MBRCGI national innovation advisory board.

Christian holds an M.Sc. in Political Science from Aarhus University and a Ph.D. in design leadership from Copenhagen Business School in collaboration with Stanford University, Oxford Sa√Įd Business School and Case Western University's Weatherhead School of Management.