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IIPP research addresses how public value is imagined, practised and evaluated to tackle societal challenges to achieve sustainable, inclusive and innovation-led growth.

Research themes

Through our research we aim to create new economic thinking and practical tools for understanding both the rate and direction of economic growth. A key concern is how to understand the role of policy beyond simply fixing market failures, towards a more ambitious one of actively co-creating and shaping markets to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth. To do so, we tackle the relationships between economic, technological and social changes, across four cross-cutting themes: 

Rethinking Value

Challenging existing theories of value to create a new framework to understand how value can be created and shared.

Shaping Innovation

Considers how to steer scientific and technological advances to tackle societal challenges.


Examines how we can create public purpose-driven institutions.


Looks at developing patient, strategic finance mechanisms for sustainable, investment-led growth. 

We apply these four themes to tackle path-breaking issues. Explore all our funded research projects by research areas below:

Research projects

IIPP works closely with partners and funders on research projects which aim to encourage new thinking and debate within the above research areas.

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Our publications present IIPP research across these areas which result in new ideas about public value and public purpose.

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If you have any enquiries into research at IIPP, please contact iipp-research@ucl.ac.uk.

Join the movement. If you¬†are interested in supporting us by funding our work please contact Anjali SinghŐż(a.singh@ucl.ac.uk).

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