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Support for staff

Resources and practical support are available to staff through the Digital Accessibility Hubs and online through these pages.

Find out more belowŐżfor:

Accessing digital content

As member of staff, if you feelŐżyou may need assistive technology, speak to your line managerŐżorŐżcontact the Workplace Health Department directlyŐżto gain access to the HubsŐż(our dedicated IT workrooms) and in-person support.

OnceŐżreferred to the Digital Accessibility team via your line manager, we will contact you to arrange an induction.ŐżThis can be virtual or in-person depending on your needs. We will tell you more aboutŐżthe Hubs, discuss what support you need, and provide training.

Enabling digital accessibility

Responsibilities of teaching staff towards studentsŐż

Please ask students who are in need of accessibility support or advice to contactŐżStudent Support & Wellbeing for an assessment and if appropriate, the creation of a SORA (Summary of Reasonable Adjustments). IfŐżthe SORA recommends that access to the Hubs be granted, we will contact them to arrange an induction, which can be virtual or in-person depending on the needs of the student. We will provide them with more information Őżabout the Hubs, discuss any support they may need and provide training.

Responsibilities of a line manager towards staff with disabilities Őż

New staff - If you know that a new member of staff due to start at ¬“¬◊–„ has a disability, it is advisable to put support in place as early as possible. This can be done within the context of assessing whether reasonable adjustmentsŐżare required and defining what they are. Funding might be available through theŐżAccess to WorkŐżgovernment initiative, including for dedicated equipment and support.Őż

If assistive technology or ergonomic equipment is required, please notify ISD IT Services Helpdesk‚ÄĮand contact the Digital Accessibility team - digitalaccessibility@ucl.ac.uk. We can provideŐżadvice and help with sourcing any equipment you might want to purchase.ŐżŐż

Existing StaffŐż - If you have an existing member of staff who you feel needs some specialist support such as physiotherapy or counselling, you can refer them to Occupational Health. Őż

Creating and testing digital contentŐż

A few simple steps can make your content more accessible and provides a more inclusive experience. Guidance on creating accessible content is available below. For information on requestingŐża digital accessibility assessment of your content and on producing an accessibility statement, please email us at digitalaccessibility@ucl.ac.uk.


Dedicated disability support for staff