Summer School



Whether or not you need to apply for a visa before entering the UK depends on your nationality.

If you are a visa national, then you must apply for the Standard visitor visa before entering the UK.

If you are a non-visa national, you do not need to apply for the Standard visitor visa before entering the UK. If you are a national of an EU country, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland or the USA all you need to do is enter the UK using the eGates and keep your boarding pass or train ticket. All other non-visa nationals will need to get their passport stamped by a border officer.

Please check your status by visiting

If you do need to apply for a visa, please refer to ’s guidance on the Standard visitor visa. If you have any further queries please contact the Student Immigration Advice team.

Making your visa application

We recommend including your programme confirmation letter when applying for a visa. We will email this to you upon full payment of your tuition fees.

We advise you apply for your visa at least one month before your departure date, but you should always check timescales with your local visa office as well.

When applying for your visa for the Summer School, in the What qualification will you get? field, write Undergraduate credits.

Please note, you will not require an ATAS certificate or CAS letter for the Summer School.

Students already studying in the UK

If you are an overseas student already in the UK and you have a Student visa, you can enrol on the Summer School as long as your visa is valid for the duration of the programme. You are permitted to enrol on the Summer School as supplementary study. Please note that you can take supplementary study at any time during the period of leave granted for your main programme of study, however you must make sure that studying on the Summer School does not in any way hinder your progress on your main programme of study.

If you have settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme, you can enrol on the Summer School.