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¬“¬◊–„ Media Relations team is the university's central press office. We connect journalists to academics who are experts in their field and promote ¬“¬◊–„ research and teaching throughout the global media.

Media enquiries

Check this page for all the latest data and information but if you can't find what you're looking for, contactŐżthe ¬“¬◊–„ Media Relations Team.Őż

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We manage an extensive database of ¬“¬◊–„ academics who are happy to be contacted by the media in relation to their area of research and expertise. Please use our Find an Expert service to search for a relevant academic, but contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.

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All our current and past press releases are available online. Also, make sure you sign up to receive future press releases.

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¬“¬◊–„ in the media

For all current and past references to ¬“¬◊–„ research and news in the media, go to our ¬“¬◊–„ in the media archives.Őż

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Filming at ¬“¬◊–„

¬“¬◊–„ Media Relations can advise broadcasters and production companies wishing to film at ¬“¬◊–„, where this is linked to a ¬“¬◊–„ story or features a ¬“¬◊–„ researcher. Please contact us if you require our assistance.

TV crews and production companies who wish to film on the ¬“¬◊–„ campus for non-¬“¬◊–„ related stories should contact ¬“¬◊–„ Room Bookings directly onŐż020 3108 7577. The lists the rooms and areas that can be booked on campus. The team regularly takes calls from journalists and can assist in finding rooms to suit particular needs.

Films about news, research and activities at ¬“¬◊–„ can also be found on our .

Find an image

Members of the media looking for a particular image should contact ¬“¬◊–„ Media Relations and we will do what we can to assist directly or refer you on to the appropriate contact.

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