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VIRTUAL EVENT: Too Little - (Not) Too Late?

11 June 2024, 5:00 pm‚Äď6:00 pm

Poster of the ¬“¬◊–„ Medical Sciences Public Lecture Series, featuring Professor Hugh Montogomery

Join us online for a discussion with Prof Hugh Montgomery, an expert in climate change and health, about the current climate situation and proposed essential actions for everyone to take.

This event is free.

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Emiliana Di Donna – Faculty of Medical Sciences

¬“¬◊–„ Faculty of Medical Sciences presents its June Public Lecture which is dedicated to World Environment Day with a talk about climate-related topics.

It is 165 years since we were first warned of the dangers posed by accumulating greenhouse gas emissions. These warnings have been repeated ever more stridently by the world's scientists for more than 3 decades. But still have done nothing. Now, we are beginning to reap the whirlwind. Is it too late? Can anything be done? And, if so, who should do it?

Professor Hugh Montgomery will present the science of how we came to be where we are and what is coming, before proposing actions that we must all take- personal, political and professional.

This lecture will be followed by a Q&A with our speaker, Prof. Hugh Montgomery.

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This event will take place online. A link to the event will be sent to you prior to the event start time.

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About the Speaker

Prof Hugh Montgomery

Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at ¬“¬◊–„

Hugh obtained a 1st class BSc (Cardioresp Physiol/Neuropharmacology) in 1984, his Medical Degree in 1987, and MDRes in 1997. He works as a consultant Intensivist in London and¬†is Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at ¬“¬◊–„ where he directs the Centre for Human Health & Performance. He has published over 600 scientific research articles and¬†has won 8 national and international awards.

Hugh chaired the two Lancet Commissions on Human Health & Climate Change, and¬†now co-chairs the 5-year, 42-country Lancet Countdown on Health & Climate Change. He has written & lectured extensively on the subject; has briefed policymakers (inter)nationally; and¬†co-leads the ¬“¬◊–„ MSc module on climate & health. He was appointed London Leader by Greater London Authority‚Äôs Sustainable Development Commission; has attended many of the international ‚ÄėCOP‚Äô negotiations; leads the children‚Äôs climate education ‚ÄėProject Genie‚Äô; and¬†co-led the ITV documentary on Floods and Climate Change (2020). He was awarded the OBE in 2022 in part for his work on climate change and health.

Hugh Montgomery