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The IAS Early Career Network aims to bring together early-career academics working in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences across ¬“¬◊–„.

If your work involves arts, humanities or social sciencesŐżapproaches, feel free to join (even if you‚Äôre based in a primarily STEM faculty). Our definition of early-career is similarly broad: the network is open to PhD candidates at any stage and to all postdocs and lecturers (anyone on grade 7 or grade 8).

Our aims are to integrate relevant intellectual content with cross-disciplinary intellectual exchange, skills development and career guidance. And, not least, to offer opportunities for sociability and informal sharing of ideas and experiences. The network will be based on a series of events, including workshops on writing and on crossing boundaries of all kinds. Over time, it can evolve in response to the suggestions and contributions of participants.

If you would like to be part of this group, please email us atŐżinstituteofadvancedstudies@ucl.ac.uk

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