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Our track record of industry collaboration dates back to 1899, when Fleming became Scientific Advisor to the Marconi Company. Today our collaborators range from major international companies and government bodies to SME.

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As Engineers, we believe that practical application and interaction with industry are an inherent part of what we do. We are always keen to talk to companies and external organisations, both large and small to explore how we might collaborate.

Within these pages, you can exploreŐżthe varied ways in which we collaborate with external organisations.

Industry Advisory Board

The department has an advisory board consisting of industry leaders who provide informed advice on strategic concerns and issues likely to affect the future of the department. We work closely with our Industry Advisory Board who regularly monitors and reviews the programmes to ensure they maintain their industrial relevance.

Industry Advisory Board members

Patrick Boyle

Senior Director External Cooperations at Advanced Bionics at Advanced BionicsŐż

Nigel Burton

Non-Executive Director at BlackRock Throgmorton plc

David Butler

Senior R&D Engineer at BBC Research & Development

Julian Fells

EPSRC Research Fellow at University of Oxford

Carol Fletcher

Head of Academic and Research Partnerships at BT

Ralph Green

Research and Development Manager Communications at Products Airbus Defence and Space Limited

John Griffin

Formerly Leonardo

Mansoor Hanif

NEOM formerly OFCOM

Elie Kfoury

Founder and CEO at Intellicasa

Salman MalikŐż

Founder and managing director at Etch, and Entrepreneur in Residence

John Manville

Formerly CISCO

Gillian MarshallŐż

QinetiQ Senior Fellow at QinetiQ

John Mestitz ManagingŐż

Director at Techna

David Price CBE

Formerly Chemring Group plc

Neil Ross

Head of Policy at techUK

Jessica Rushworth

Chief Strategy & Policy Officer for Digital Catapult

Raja Saggi

Director, Product Marketing and Consumer Strategy and Ops at Google

Andy Stanford-Clark

CTO, IBM Corporate Strategy - SPEED leader for EMEA at IBM

Benn ThomsenŐż

Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Ltd.

Frank Tutu

Research Engineer at EDF R&D UK

Professor Simon Watts

Formerly Thales

Dr Martina Zambelli ŐżŐż

Research Scientist at DeepMind
Spin Outs

In the most recent The Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF),Őża new assessment of how English universities carry out knowledge exchange, ¬“¬◊–„ was placed in the highest category forŐżIntellectual property and commercialisation. At EEE ensuring our research has tangible impact on society has always been an important driver. This has led to several commercial ventures as well as licensing of EEE technology. Below is a list of some of our successful spin-outs.

Correvate Logo



Correvate Ltd

Correvate Limited is a company commercialising an algorithm developed at ¬“¬◊–„‚Äôs Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering under an exclusive licence from ¬“¬◊–„ Business PLC.Őż The algorithm facilitates the registration and downstream analysis of 3D point cloud datasets.Őż Its first market is in the fast growing ‚ÄėBIM‚Äô sector (an acronym for Building Information Modelling) where its Vercator software enables professionals such as surveyors, architects and construction engineers to increase their productivity, accelerate turnaround times and reduce costs.

More information regarding the company can be found at

You can also visit the product website



Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies

A spinout company established to commercialise the novel memristive resistive random access memory (RRAM) devices developed by Prof Tony Kenyon and Dr Adnan Mehonic in ¬“¬◊–„‚Äôs Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. Our silicon-based RRAM technology has the potential to become the backbone for the next generation of computer memory, and to underpin novel neuromorphic technologies for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

More information can be found at

Senceive Ltd

Innovative remote condition monitoring solutions for the rail and construction industries. was spun out from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering to commercialise an innovative approach to the problem of monitoring distributed industrial environments such as railway infrastructures and underground mines. By utilising a number of small, intelligent devices that communicate through meshed radio networks, the company offers an autonomous solution that is easy for non-experts to install, maintain and use.


Founded in 2003 from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, Zinwave aims to provide sub-systems and systems for distributing wireless signals, including those for applications such as cellular radio and WLAN in a flexible, future proof and low cost manner. Zinwave’s proprietary technology enables these applications to be serviced using low cost multi-mode fibres, giving rise to significant cost savings for system providers and installers. Further information can be found at

Continuing Professional Development

Whether you wish to re-train, refresh your knowledge, advance your skills in a particular area, or simply enjoy learning, undertaking a course as part of Continuing Professional Development in EEE may be of interest to you.

Several of our MSc programmes are available on a part-time or flexible basis and our extensive range of modules can be taken as short courses for personal or professional development. Further information can be via the CPD page. For full details and course outlines and to register for individual modules please visit the .

Graduate Recruitment

¬“¬◊–„ Electronic and Electrical Engineering graduates are sought after across the world for their technical ability and problem-solving skills. Our award-winning education programme produces well-rounded graduates, highly valued by employers within engineering industries and beyond.

We welcome you, as industrialŐżand external organisations to engage with our students throughout their education. This provides you with an excellent recruitment pathway, exposes our students to the opportunities in your organisation and helps ensure our graduates leave ¬“¬◊–„ with the professional skills you value. EngagementŐżcould be through offering student projects, guest talks, providing scholarships, Year in Industry (YiI) placements, summer internships, sponsoring student prizes or engaging with career events & guidance.

If you wish to engage with our students around careers and recruitment please reach out to Dr Rob Thompson, EEE Strategic Alliance director.

Explore our research

If you are not familiar with our research or are looking for a specific academic to collaborate with you can explore our Research and People pages.

Get in touch

If you have queries or would like to open a discussion about collaborations with ¬“¬◊–„ Electronic and Electrical Engineering you can contact our Strategic Alliance Director, Dr Rob Thompson,Őżrobert.j.thompson@ucl.ac.ukŐż, technical or academic queries may be better directed to specific members of research staff, detailŐżof whomŐżcan be found through the above research and people pages.