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Film & TV Soc: Festival of the Moving Image

20 May 2024–22 May 2024, 1:30 pm–11:00 pm

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's Film & TV Society is excited to announce the 17th edition of its Festival of the Moving Image and a celebration of the Society's 75th anniversary.

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Bloomsbury Theatre
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Founded in 2007, Festival of the Moving Image (FOMI) is an award-winning student film festival, promoting emerging student filmmakers and championing creativity and innovation. One of the leading university events for the exhibition, interpretation and study of audio visual culture, FOMI showcases work in a wide range of media from across the world, as well as hosting key figures in the UK and international film industries.

Our theme this year is Reflections - between the present and the past, within and outside of our borders and between the beginnings and the futures of cinema itself. Put simply - how can cinema offer alternatives to hegemonic forms of expression? This year, we also aim to reflect on FOMI's history by celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Film & TV Society, with a special line up of anniversary events planned.

As with every edition of the festival, we hope to continue making FOMI a space to forge new connections and promote a love of independent film across the student body and wider London public.

Day 1 - May 20th

4:30 to 6:30pm
Portico perspective (9 films, 78 minutes)
Films from students

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo by Kate Colenbrander (4 minutes)
every dove is a pigeon and every pigeon is a dove by Kate Colenbrander (13-14 minutes)
Pop Never Dies, The Documentary by Nayla Dayal & Lea Faivre (8 minutes)
From London to Gaza by Shaza Al-Hafez (13 minutes)
My Cuppa Tea by Chaa Ustaoglu (3-4 minutes)
Rhythmic Identity by Adèle Garbutt (9/10 minutes)
Eighteen by Nurun Nisa Khokhar (4 minutes)
I went from the stairs of religion up unto the end of the alley of doubt by Zagros Fierro (10 minutes)
The Last Skiers by Veronica Ciceri (11 minutes)

7:30 to 10:30pm
Opening ceremony

Day 2 - May 21st

1 to 3 pm
strand name: Retrospection (8 films, 86 minutes)
Films reflecting on the past, looking back at our memories and experiences.

Memories and Love Letters from the Past by Cristina Neves and Ruan Bertuce (20 minutes)
From Sun to Sun by Joana Afonso (11 minutes)
Under The Endless Sky by Alexandra Dzhiganskaya (4 minutes)
Only the devil remembers by Daniel Iglesias Gonzalez (5 minutes)
ELECTRA WASP by Wasan Hayajneh (6 minutes)
Comadres (Godmothers) by Giuliana Magalhães Zamprogno (15 minutes)
Sink or Swim by Sienna Jade (5 minutes)
No se ve desde acá by Enrique Pedraza Botero (19/20 minutes)

4 to 6 pm
Retrospective screening: The Handmaiden (in partnership with Curzon) 18+

7 to 9 pm
strand name: Prospection (8 films, 91 minutes)
Films looking towards the future, imagining potential dystopian futures and changes in the wider world.

Synchronic by Taylor Becker (3 minutes)
Cache Memory by Jungkyun Shin (6 minutes)
Adrushya by Prakriti Panda (9 minutes)
Gary and Milo by Liam Greenlee (18 minutes)
A Sale of Indulgences by Jack Burgess (6 minutes)
Her World by Janna Ilgner (18 minutes)
The Noise of Time by Patricio Escartin (12 minutes)
CROCODILE by Dawid Bodzak (19 minutes)

Day 3 - May 22nd

1 to 3 pm
Introspection (12 films, 88 minutes)
Films looking inwards, considering our relationships with both others and ourselves.

Dawn by Camila Messari (2 minutes)
Fishing by Chloe Loren Chan (3 minutes)
Mila by Cherryl Taan Habchy (15 minutes)
EPIPHANY by Ignacio Anacona (1 minute 30 seconds)
Into the Unknown by Aida Ismailova (2 minutes)
Black Sun by Zuzanna Michalska (3 minutes)
Dreamer’s Dilemma by Diana Bondarenko and Lea Hofmann (9minutes)
Nurture by Livvy Seabrook-Wilkins (2 minutes)
Ole Luk-Oie by Vasilisa Zenitato (20 mins)
I Can See my Home in the Dark by Yuliya Makogon (10 minutes)
Essay on Impressions by Luís Miguel Rocha (8 minutes)
Mestres, Mothers of the Sea by Joana Araujo (20 minutes)

3 to 6 pm
Retrospective screening: Sexy Beast (in partnership with Park Circus)

7 to 10pm
Closing ceremony