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John Achkar - Shou Zakeh?!

14 June 2024, 8:00 pm


John Achkar uses humour as his favourite coping mechanism to transform life into a daily workshop. A rollercoaster evening of relatable laughter.

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Bloomsbury Theatre – Bloomsbury Theatre
020 3108 1000

Experience a heartfelt evening of comedy with John Achkar, in Shou Zakeh?!

Delve into the comedic nuances of his fresh relationship, travel escapades, and witty observations on the corporate realm. Using humour as his favourite coping mechanism, Achkar transforms life into a daily workshop. Expect to be taken on a rollercoaster tour of relatable laughter in an evening filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

John Achkar is a Lebanese stand-up comedian who has garnered audience attention through his viral TikTok and Instagram content, with relatable jokes, exploring topics related to race, marriage, and culture. He starred in "Stand-Up Baladi" (2020), the first Lebanese stand-up comedy series in Arabic and is widely recognised for his comedy specials including "No Worries" (2020) and "Wein 3ayish" (2022).

Recently, he completed his inaugural tour in Europe and the GCC. Craving the comedic high, he launched his latest special "Shou Zakeh!?‚ÄĚ in October 2023. Achkar will return to London to perform his show as part of the first Lebanese Arts Festival in the UK.

The show is performed in Arabic with no translation.Őż

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