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Access Information

The services that the Bloomsbury Theatre offers for anyone who would benefit from additional support to make their visit an enjoyable one.

How to get here

Visit ourFind Us page for location and travel information for the Bloomsbury Theatre & Studio, including walking distances from our nearest transport hubs, and importantinformation aboutBlue Badge parking near the theatre.

Access to the theatre

Opening times

Phone and counter service for Box Office available Mon-Fri 12-5pm via 020 3108 1000.

The building lobby is open throughout the day. The theatre bar and foyer are typically open 45 minutes before a scheduled show and the auditorium is opened 30 minutes before, though there can be occasional delays.

Physical access

There are four steps from street level to the main entrance, and a further seven steps to the main foyer where the Box Office is situated. There is a lift (80cm by 135cm floor space – 400kg limit) to avoid these steps from street level to the main foyer. The route from here to your seats is described in the Access to seats, bars and toiletssection.

Please let us know, when booking or on the night, if you would prefer to access the theatre or auditorium ahead of any queues or crowds. This can be done once basic safety checks are completed and we are ready for general admission. Prior to this the building lift lobby has level access to toilets and a comfortably seated café area. In addition, if you would like a chair brought to you in the theatre foyer just ask any member of staff.

Companion/personal assistant tickets

We offer a free companion ticket to our customers who would otherwise be unable to attend our venue.

Customers with medical requirements

We welcome any attendees who need to bring medicines or medical equipment. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Assistance dogs

Guide and hearing dogs are welcome. Please notify Box Office when making your booking so we can arrange an aisle seat. Alternatively, the Front of House team will be happy to mind your assistance dog during the performance.

Nearby Changing Places

Changing Place facilities are located at the DMS Watson Science Library (200m) on campus and the Wellcome Trust on the Euston Road (280m).

An usher will gladly accompany you to the campus facility to ensure quick and easy access.

For details of facilities simply search our postcode WC1H 0AH here:

Access to performance


An infrared hearing system is installed, and headsets are available on request. There are two types of headsets – a receiver that works in conjunction with a hearing aid telecoil and a receiver with headphones.


An induction loop is installed, which can be accessed by using the ‘T’ position on a hearing aid.

Relaxed Performances

The Bloomsbury Theatre offers a relaxed performance for our Christmas children's showand selected other shows throughout the year.
A relaxed performance means the usual 'strict etiquette' of the auditorium is relaxed.

These shows can be helpful to people with learning disabilities, sensory issues and/or autism, and people who make involuntary noises.
It is common at a relaxed performance for people to leave and re-enter the auditorium as they need to.

The house lights may be raised slightly.

The idea is to create an informal atmosphere so that people who may find a theatre visit daunting can come and enjoy a show.
If you would like more information, please contact us onticketing@ucl.ac.uk

Access to seats, bars and toilets

Theatre - Stalls

Download the access map for Bloomsbury Theatre stalls(pdf)

The stalls are accessible via a flight of seven steps, or a wheelchair lift from the main foyer (90x120cm, 350kg. Seats past row E are easiest to reach via the auditorium aisle as this comprises one or two shallow steps between each subsequent row (see map). Rows A to D have ramp access on the near side aisle.

Rows are on average 30 seats wide, with numbers starting from the entrance foyer side. As the auditorium fills up, seats on the far side of the spacecan become more difficultto reach without taking an alternative route with more stairs.

Stalls accessible seats are in rows E 1-2/4-5 and A 1-2. They can be reached from street level viatwo wheelchair lifts, one at the building entrance (80x135cm, 400kg) and one just beyond the ticket check at the theatre entrance (90x120cm, 350kg. Transfer seats with removable arm rests on the aisle side are located at F1, G1 and H1, these are reached by up to four shallow steps in the near-side aisle.

Theatre - Circle

Download the access map for Bloomsbury Theatre circle(pdf)

The circle can be reached via a stairwell to the left of the main bar (which itself is past three sets of seven, three and six steps). The circle stairs comprise three flights of 13, 14 and four steps. Please ask a member of staff if you would prefer to use the building lobby lifts (80x110cm) to the alternative entrance on the circle level which has level access, via a platform lift (90x120cm, 300kg), to the uppermost rows of the circle (row E and the Gallery Slips). Once in the circle, rows D to A are down aisles comprising three steps per subsequent row (see map). Patrons in the first few rows of the circle or the Circle Slips can use the Circle Slips stairs (16 steps, see stalls map) for fewer steps overall.

If you are a wheelchair user with Circle tickets, please ask a member of staff at the main entrance ticket check to escort you to your space via the main lobby lift(80x110cm) as the alternative entrance must be attended for access.

Access to theatre bars

The Stalls Bar is accessible via two flights of three and six steps from the main foyer. Customers may find the shallow and spaced-out steps in the auditorium aisle easier to traverse. Unfortunately, level access to the main bar from the accessible stalls seatsis not possible, but our staff will be happy to take your order.

There is level access to the Circle Bar if you are seated in the circle, this bar also has a lowered section. If this is not staffed for the performance you are attending, our staff will be happy to take your order. If we have not already approached you just ask the ushers at the ticket check, or the circle usher located near row E during the show.

We havelarge print and braille versions of our bar tariff available at our Main Bar, Circle Bar and Studio Bar.


The easiest toilets to reach from the stalls are on the Lower Ground floor via the building lobby lifts. These include an extra wide cubicle and a separate accessible toilet.

There is also an accessible toilet next to the Box Office in the lobby, this isthe closest option for level access from the entrance lobby or stalls seating though it will require the use of the foyer entrance wheelchair lift if you are already seated in the stalls.

Circle toilets include level access from the circle wheelchair seats (row E) to an accessible toilet and the men’s toilets. Ladies toilets have an additional 10 steps.

Please ask staff if you require a radar key for the accessible toilets.


Download the access map for Bloomsbury Studio(pdf)

There are 15 steps from the Box Office to the Studio or you may prefer to use the lift from Upper Ground/UG to Lower Ground/LG. This lift measures 80x110cm, we can escort you via an alternative route on request..

Seating in the Studio is not allocated. Accessible seats can be reserved in advance by speakingto our Box Office when making your booking. You may be asked what size wheelchair you use, if relevant, so we can ensure you will have adequate space and sight lines to the stage.

Studio bar and toilets

There is level access to the Studio Bar from the Studio.

There is level access to toilets in this area and a separate accessible toilet with RADAR access. Please ask staff at the Studio Bar if you require a RADAR key.

Get in touch

We would love your feedback regarding access at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Please feel free to contact:

020 3108 1000
Bloomsbury Theatre Box Office
University College London
15 Gordon Street
London WC1H 0AH

Responses should take a maximum of three working days.